Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last Light, Dark Water


Dusk over the bay. Wish you were here.

A massive, lone thunderhead I spotted drifting over the city half an hour before sunset led me sort of spur-of-the-moment to the bay shore where I had hoped to capture it bathed in late evening colors as the sun went down. Unfortunately, it had passed too far to the east by the time I arrived yet it seemed a shame to leave the water before the sun was out of sight so I pulled up a big rock and got comfortable.
As I sat I no longer planned to bother with the camera but just after the sun had disappeared I noticed the water. It had the strangest texture...almost a thickness to it. It was difficult to tell in the darkness but most likely the typical algae buildup for which this "green" bay was named had begun.
Whatever the case, I decided it couldn't hurt to try a few shots and a few minutes later I'd captured some of my favorite images of the year.

I'll see you again somewhere down the road...


  1. Love that texture and color. Glad you changed your mind and grabbed your camera and then shared it.

  2. The scene is really beautiful.

    Your photography is splendid.

    Thank you for showing a wonderful moment...

    From the Far East.


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