Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hello from the Gulf of Mexico...wish you were here. The timing of my first visit to these shores could not have been better timed or more bittersweet considering the peril this place may soon be facing as the catastrophic oil leak unleashed on the gulf spreads further by the day. As of yet, not a trace of the oil has been seen on this beach but as I gazed out over the white sand and the breathtaking sea, knowing what has already happened elsewhere, it was sad to think this too could soon be spoiled.
This beach teems with life. Gulls and terns patrol the air looking for their next meal. Black Skimmers fly just above the water, beaks skimming the surface for some tasty morsel. A young White Egret wades with long legs through gently frothing waves, hunting along the water's edge. And the stately Brown Pelicans, scattered in small groups all along the beach, preside over it all as if they are the kings of this domain.
My visit was relatively short but I could have spent hours here, absorbing every detail, with all else forgotten, utterly lost in the experience.
I'm thankful to have had the chance to see this beautiful place in person but it was indeed bittersweet, for the tragedy unfolding on not so distant shores now seems all the more real and heartbreaking. Should a similar fate befall this coast and it's wild inhabitants, there is no doubt I will feel a sense of loss as deeply personal as if it was happening on the shore of my own Great Lakes.


  1. Great post Tim, and great photo to go with it. By coincidence I'm in s/w Florida right now. No oil here that I've heard of but it's truly a nightmare. A year's profit from BP to pay for all this just doesn't seem adequate. Maybe a lesson will be learned from it, but I'm not hopeful.


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