Friday, April 30, 2010

Time For Trout Lilies

Finally a day so warm that I broke a sweat while hiking up the steep hills and into the lowlands of Baird Creek.
Wish you were here...
The weather has still been iffy as of late but everything about today made it feel very much like summer. It really is amazing how much things change in this part of the world inside of a month's time. Just 30 days ago the forest still felt quite lifeless but now life is everywhere.
To begin though, I had been feeling less enthusiastic about returning to the creek after having spent SO much time behind the camera in this place in 2009. Yet once I arrived and set off down the trail and began taking it all in, I realized all over again that just being here at this time of year is absolutely worth the effort whether or not it results in worthwhile photos.

As for the all too familiar photographic subject to be found in these woods, well, I managed to find some new ways of seeing my old friends and it felt really good just to flatten out on the ground and be at eye level with a bunch of Trout Lilies once again.
And, in the end, I came away satisfied with a few of the photos ...a nice bonus.

I'll see you again somewhere down the road....


  1. I'm not familiar with those flowers. They are truly beautiful. Glad you shared them with us.

  2. I know the feeling Tim - had it today, in fact, although I didn't do much traveling to get a few shots. I have these flowers on my property - didn't know what they were until a fellow blogger clued me in.

    Nice perspective.


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