Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Whiggin' Out

Hello from the Mill Creek Bar in Appleton, WI. Wish you were here...
There has been a LOT of buzz about The Whigs lately. I'd been meaning to check them out online to see what I'd been missing from this band that one article suggested should already be HUGE...but soon will be.
I finally visited The Whigs Myspace page to hear some of their music and was very impressed by what I heard..and as I perused the rest of their page I suddenly realized they were actually playing a gig at a club just 40 miles away on this very night!
I felt like to miss this show could lead to some serious regret in years to come, having had the pleasure of seeing many up and coming bands play intimate venues only to later blown up into superstars, so off I went...and am I glad I did.
Not only was I excited for the chance to see and hear an exciting new band but I was also looking forward to the photo op. However, as expected, the club's stage was relatively poorly lit and once the band took the stage and I saw how wildly the members thrashed about, I knew clear photos would be beyond I decided to concentrate on capturing nicely composed blurs. And in the end I felt like this photo sort of captured the essence of this show.
I'll see you again, somewhere down the road....


  1. love it!! has an energy feel

  2. You managed to get a great shot here Tim with enough blur to give a sense of action. Also, the colours are magnificent.


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