Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hello From Cave Point !

Hello from Cave Point on a wild and wonderful day!
Wish you were here!
I tripped up the peninsula this morning hoping for one of the really dramatic winter days that the point can offer. Well, lucky me! The moment I threw open the car door and heard the roar of the waves crashing in to shore I knew I had chosen the day well! When I walked down to the edge of the cliff, not only did I see those powerful waves pounding the shoreline but also spied the most amazing ice formation just below me on the cliff wall. Water streaming down the rocks had formed an entire wall of icicles. Bearing witness to this scene was definitely one of those wooooooow moments I live for! I worked my way below by following the trail down the shore to an ice-free section of rock and climbed down closer to the water's edge. The waves crashing into the edge of rock shelf I now stood on threw water into the air. In order to remain dry, I had to do a not terribly graceful slipping, sliding, stutter-stepping, duck and cover dash over the slick surface back toward the ice formation I wanted to photograph.
The icicle wall was even more amazing up something you'd see in Superman's Fortress Of Solitude. I spent some time shooting the ice while trying to avoid the spray from the surf just behind me (and the photos are the best!) before I turned to capturing the waves that you see here.
All in all, this was one of the most memorable days I've ever had in this place that I have already enjoyed so many times before. I'd have been happy to shoot here for hours more!

So, goodbye for now...
I'll see you again somewhere down the road!

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