Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hello again from frigid Lake Michi gan! Wish you were here...although I'll bet you'd prefer the warm place you're reading this in right now. I'm back at the lake today at the city of Kewaunee which is a bit further south than when I last wrote. And unlike my last visit to the shore, this day began with out a visible sunrise and lackluster in color other than a bluish tinge to everything that made it feel even more cold that it already was.
But however grim, this day was not without a notable happening or two. I arrived here at the shore under full darkness and it was really cool to see the lighthouse lamp really shining brightly out on the pier.
Then, as light began to slowly creep into the sky, I could see that the water in the harbor was covered with smallish, floating ice chunks and as large waves washed in, the surface seemed to shift and convulse like it was alive. Very weird!
I walked along the pier to the lighthouse shooting from here and there as I went. BIG waves pushing in at nearly the same angle as the pier whooshed along the edge, often catching in the corrugated metal pier wall causing frothing, bubbling plumes of water to shoot up over and travel along the edge as the wave moved further toward the beach. As always I spent way too long out there, pushed it until I was too cold to function any longer.
So, it was not the most memorable day at the lake but still worth having gotten up early to make the drive out, for no matter what the mood of my great lake she's always a pleasure to visit.

I'll see you again somewhere down the road...



  1. A beautiful photo as always!

    Tim! I just figured out something... you are one of my followers. I couldn't get to your site from your little icon on my blog, because when I bring up your profile from there, your blogs aren't listed! Wow... so I found you through Bull Rhino's blog and followed you, and just now realized that you're 'that' Tim on my followers list... so now I've linked you up on my page and all is well.

    Just thought I should share that little moment of enlightenment with you. ;o)

  2. I just realized that your new blog is becoming a lighthouse blog - well with a couple exceptions - but even those are lake shots!


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