Sunday, October 17, 2010

We'll Leave The Light On For You

I took a walk in the cemetery tonight just before sunset hoping to catch some interesting shadows as the sun streaked low across the tombstones.
That didn't really work out but the night was pleasantly warm for October, it's smelled fantastic as autumn always does and besides the birds flitting and squirrels rustling through the fallen leaves, I had the entire place to myself.
I wandered the winding, leaf covered roads and dirt tracks, shooting here and there when the urge hit me, using the tripod since the light was rapidly fading.
As darkness descended, I headed back in the direction of where I had left the car, tried a few more shots using flash and then finally gave up on shooting with little light left to work with, even when using a long exposure.
As I approached the car, I noticed a dim light down one of the nearby rows. Curious, I went to investigate and found this lonely lantern glowing orange on one of the headstones. Creepy-cool.
When I saw the image on the computer screen for the first time I immediately thought of the old advertising slogan of the Motel 6 chain, "We'll Leave The Light On For You". After all, both the motel and the cemetery offer a similar service...a place to rest...although, admittedly, the service provided by the latter is for a considerably longer term than that of the former.
I found the light very accomodating...

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