Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello From Chicago!

Hello from Chicago! Wish you were here!

I'm here in the windy city today to see the Pearl Jam concert I've waited all summer for...I'm very excited!
I decided to make the most of the day by arriving here early enough to get in a few hours of sightseeing before I have to think about heading over to the United Center for the show.
I hit the road this morning a bit later than I had hoped to but made good time getting into the city since Sunday traffic on the expressway is relatively light and that sort of made up for the delay. I quickly found a cheap surface lot to park at and was on foot by 11am. My goal was to explore the Chicago River so I headed for it's mouth at Lake Michigan as a logical starting point. Unfortunately, I found public access is quite restricted but still there are some great views to be you can see! This is by far the best view I've gotten of Chicago's lighthouse. The many sailboats and the big sailing ship were a nice bonus. From this point I walked the Riverwalk through downtown past the many, many beautiful bridges and along the south branch to the Congress Parkway before leaving the water. I walked nearly four long that my other potential plans will have to wait until next time but I'm not complaining. I couldn't have asked for better weather, the views were fantastic and I ran into a few Pearl Jam fans along the way as well!
All in all, it's been a great day.

Well, I've got to run...concert time!
I'll see you again somewhere down the road...


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